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Career Opportunities with an MBA

Top executives excel in their careers with the complex decision-making skills, successful change-agent abilities, and outstanding leadership qualities learned in an AACSB-accredited MBA program. This powerful degree is a proof point to companies that you understand the core components of business as they relate to your role in improving the health and growth of your company.

The online MBA program from the University of Delaware’s Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics empowers you to solve the challenges presented in today’s diverse global economy. It specifically tailors coursework to your industry — giving you an even greater advantage in the marketplace after graduation.

Advanced MBA Skills

  • Executive communication
  • Analytical decision-making
  • Advanced leadership
  • Creative problem-solving
  • Excellent time management

Careers With an MBA in Hand

The payoff of an MBA in your career can’t be questioned. According to the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) survey job opportunities for MBA graduates were outstanding.1

  • Three out of four employers expected to hire MBA graduates in 2016
  • 96 percent of employers agree that hiring business-school graduates creates value for their companies
  • 68 percent of employers stated it’s their priority to hire MBA graduates

Furthermore, 2015 MBA alumni reported an outstanding employment rate of 91 percent,1 and have starting salaries as high as the six-figure range.2

MBA graduates possess the executive business skills necessary to ask the right questions of change initiatives and know how to positively affect change and growth. As more companies conduct branding initiatives, diversify their organization, or tackle a merger in the next year, they will continue to look to their MBA employees for a holistic solution to the challenges at hand.

Job Opportunities for MBA Graduates

MBA graduates are counted on to accelerate growth and solve a business’ toughest challenges. As such, they take on the top executive positions across all industries in a variety of fields and often enjoy six-figure salaries.

  • Chief executive officers: $175,1103
  • Marketing directors: $112,8872
  • Top executives: $102,6903
  • Management occupations: $98,5603
  • General and operation managers: $97,7303
  • Product marketing managers: $93,2252

To learn more about careers with an MBA, including specific roles, responsibilities and salaries, read about the MBA career opportunities in finance, healthcare, or international business now.

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