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Online MBA Courses

The online MBA curriculum from the University of Delaware can be completed in as few as 16 months to propel your career further faster, or you can complete your degree at the pace that is best for you. The online MBA courses sharpen your business skills by offering you a choice to complete your degree with a major, a choice of three concentrations, or a combination of concentrations.

Major/One Concentration: 44 Credits
Dual Concentration: 47 Credits
Triple Concentration: 53 Credits

Core Online MBA Courses

The following courses are required for all degree options:

  • Financial Reporting and Analysis, 3 Credits
    Surveys concepts underlying financial accounting and external reporting. Provides an understanding of accounting methods, standards, and terminology so that students can interpret and evaluate financial statements. Students are encouraged to participate in class and group discussions involving contemporary investment issues and decisions.
  • Fundamentals of Analytics, 3 Credits
    Focuses on data analysis for the purpose of measurement, inference, quality and productivity improvement, and improved managerial decision making. Exploratory data analysis, graphical analysis, descriptive statistics, inferential statistics, and techniques such as regression are covered.
  • Leadership and Organizational Behavior, 3 Credits
    Develops a knowledge base and requisite skills for managing individual, group, and organizational processes through the use of diagnostic models, cases, and/or simulated exercises.
  • Economic Analysis for Business Policy, 3 Credits
    Business-oriented overview of microeconomic and macroeconomic theory. Approximately two-thirds of the course will focus on microeconomics and one-third on macroeconomics.
  • Operations Management and Management Science, 3 Credits
    Topics include decision analysis tools, mathematical programming, operations strategy, process management, and planning and inventory management concepts.
    Prerequisite: Fundamentals of Analytics
  • Ethical Issues in Domestic and Global Business Environments, 3 Credits
    Topics include ethics in organizations, and problems and challenges dealing with external environment demands including global issues.
  • Marketing Management, 3 Credits
    Management of marketing functions in modern profit and non-profit enterprises. Introduction to the marketing management process.

    Prerequisites: Financial reporting and Analysis & Economic Analysis for Business Policy

  • Financial Management, 3 Credits
    Provides an introduction to the fundamental concepts of the finance function with an emphasis on the decision-making techniques relevant to financial and nonfinancial managers. Topics include valuation, risk and return, capital budgeting, cost of capital, financial analysis and planning, and working capital management.

    Prerequisite: Financial reporting and Analysis

  • Corporate Strategy, 3 Credits
    Emphasizes total organization function and performance in a global environment. Examines general management responsibilities for determining objectives and future strategies and seeking commitment for their implementation, integrates functional course concepts to enhance decision making and communication skills through individual and group analyses of specific companies.

    Prerequisites: Financial Management, Operations Management and Management Science, Leadership and Organizational Behavior, and Marketing Management

  • Career Workshop: Emotional Intelligence and Critical Thinking, 1 Credit
    Centers on decision-making as a critical leadership competency. You will see how decision makers learn to use both the emotional and rational sides of their brains to avoid being overwhelmed by their own emotional and cognitive biases. In this course, we will explore emotional intelligence and critical thinking as techniques for managing these biases to improve our decision-making and performance.

    You will identify your default behavioral and decision-making preferences and biases through the use of a powerful self-assessment commonly used in large organizations as part of the recruitment and hiring process. Once you understand your natural preferences, you will examine how they may enable or thwart you in your leadership journey.

  • Career Workshop: Communicating, Branding and Career Networking, 1 Credit
    Learning to communicate, network, and build a personal and leadership brand is useful in any role and in any type of organization, and essential to long-term success. This 1-credit course (12 contact hours total), is part of the required MBA program workshop series, taught in conjunction with BUEC 601 on Emotional Intelligence and Critical Thinking. There are no pre-requisites, apart from formal admission into the MBA program. This course is designed to be delivered as a series of 4, 3-hour workshops offered throughout a full semester of the MBA program.

Degree Options Courses

Prepare for excellence in your industry with your choice of areas of emphasis.

Finance Concentration

Your passion is to build a company’s value by optimizing current funds and finding new avenues of revenue. Experiential coursework in financial management, analysis, and reporting prepare you to lead organizational growth in corporate, investment, and international finance careers.

The finance concentration consists of the following three courses, as well as two courses from either the healthcare or international business degree options.

  • International Financial Management, 3 credits
  • Corporate Financial Analysis, 3 credits
  • Investment Analysis and Portfolio Analysis, 3 credits

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Healthcare Concentration or Major

You’ve got a keen eye on how to advance the rapidly-growing field of healthcare. You’ll improve industry and organizational metrics in top healthcare careers when you learn to operate in today’s health systems with coursework including informatics, e-service, patient experience, and more.

The healthcare concentration consists of the first three courses below, as well as two courses from either the finance or international business concentrations. The healthcare major consists of all five courses listed below.

  • Population Health Informatics, 3 credits
  • E-Service Management in Health Care, 3 credits
  • Patient Experience and Engagement, 3 credits
  • Leadership and Innovation in Population Health, 3 credits (major only)
  • Policy and Finance for Healthcare Delivery, 3 credits (major only)

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International Business Concentration

If your goal is global careers, you’ll want to focus your studies in international business. Critical coursework on international financial management, marketplace globalization, and building an international network of friends and colleagues means you’re ready to lead your company anywhere in the world it wants to go.

The international business concentration consists of the following three courses, as well as two courses from either the finance or healthcare degree options.

  • Managing the Global Enterprise, 3 credits
  • Globalization and Business, 3 credits
  • International Financial Management, 3 credits

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Dual and Triple Concentrations

If you want to pursue one or more of the concentrations listed above, the UD online MBA allows you to take any combination of concentrations. This will deepen your level of customized knowledge and prepare you for your chosen career path.

Customized Degree Option

If you’re interested in a particular selection of electives to match your career goals, the online MBA allows you to select any 5 electives of your choice from the finance, healthcare, or international business areas.

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