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Additional Course Offerings

The University of Delaware also offers more than 200 individual for-credit online courses spanning the arts, science, engineering, communication, business and more. These courses are a convenient way to continue your degree work online or supplement your professional development with focused skill and knowledge building in wide-ranging areas of instruction.

For a complete list of the individual for-credit online courses offered by UD Online, please navigate to the link below and follow these simple instructions.

UD Online Individual Course Search

  1. Open this link in a new tab within your browser
  2. Select the Term you wish to enroll for
  3. From the Course Location drop-down menu, select “UD Online (SA-VIRTUAL)”
  4. Complete any other fields that pertain to your search
  5. Click the Search button to view your results

To learn more about University of Delaware online certificate programs and professional development courses, please request more information.