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Certificate / Information Technology

Advanced Cybersecurity Defense Certificate

This program is designed to advance participants’ cybersecurity literacy and gain the important practical hands-on skills needed, with proven techniques for assessing risk and safeguarding data.

Certificate / Biology

Applied Bioinformatics (ABNF-CERT) Graduate Certificate

The certificate requires 12 credits in the bioinformatics and computational biology core courses: Bioinformatics, Systems Biology, Databases for Bioinformatics, and Programming for Bioinformatics.

Certificate / Interdisciplinary

Applied Research Methods Certificate

The 12-credit program prepares students in advanced research methods, primarily for the purposes of program and policy evaluation, but also for research studies and projects.

Master’s / Mathematics

Applied Statistics, MS

Professionals from a broad spectrum of industries and functional areas whose work brings them in contact with data can benefit from this program.

Associate / General

Associate in Arts

Our associate in arts online program is a liberal arts degree, which requires a minimum of 60 credits and represents completion of approximately half of a UD bachelor of arts degree.

Certificate / Biology

Bioinformatics (BINF-CERT) Graduate Certificate

The certificate requires 15 credits in the bioinformatics and computational biology core courses to achieve core competency in bioinformatics. Life science and computational science concentration allows students to gain knowledge in applying bioinformatics methods, tools and databases as an integral approach to modern biotechnology or medicine.

Certificate / Biology

Biomedical Informatics and Data Science (BIDS-CERT) Graduate Certificate

The certificate requires 12 credits in the bioinformatics and computational biology core courses, including six credits from the data science core and biomedical informatics core.

Certificate / Health

Clinical Trials Management Certificate

Learn the key competencies to conduct new-product development with topics such as clinical trials process and oversight, U.S. regulatory compliance, ethical and safety considerations, coding principles, and more.

Certificate / Engineering

Composites Manufacturing and Engineering Graduate Certificate

The program is intended to provide the practicing engineer a strong foundation in the processing-structure-property relations in advanced fiber composites.

Certificate / Information Technology

Cybersecurity Certificate

Certificates are offered in each of the following four cybersecurity concentration areas: (a) Secure Systems, (b) Security Analytics, (c) Security Management and (d) Secure Software.

Certificate / Information Technology

Cybersecurity Fundamentals for Practitioners and Managers Certificate

Designed to give participants a general awareness of cybersecurity and to familiarize them with basic tools and terminology, this program covers fundamentals of cybersecurity and acts as a starting point into a cybersecurity career.

Master’s / General

Cybersecurity, MS

With an online master’s in cybersecurity from UD, you will gain the foundational theory and hands-on training required to design secure software, networks and systems and effectively defend your infrastructure.

Certificate / Health

Dietetic Internship Graduate Certificate

This internship provides graduates of a didactic program in dietetics (DPD) with an opportunity to increase their knowledge of food and nutrition science, and to acquire competencies needed to practice dietetics in a variety of settings.

Doctorate / Nursing

Doctor of Nursing Practice, DNP

This program’s focus on population health prepares you to lead in practice innovation and the development of health systems to improve the health of diverse populations.

Master’s / Education

Educational Technology, MEd

Complete seven assessments, evaluated by either ISTE or AECT, so you can use educational technology and teaching theories to develop or support curriculum and coaching efforts or teach others how to do so.

Master’s / Engineering

Electrical & Computer Engineering, MS

The online electrical and computer engineering master’s degree from UD challenges you to develop efficient designs and algorithms that defend against cyber threats.

Master’s / Education

Exceptional Children and Youth, MEd

This program is designed to develop professional educators committed to careers that involve children, youth and adults with disabilities.

Certificate / Business

Foundations of Digital Marketing Certificate

Students are introduced to foundational marketing concepts needed for digital marketing.

Certificate / Business

Fundamentals of Social Media Marketing Certificate

Learn the fundamentals and best practices—monitoring and listening, audience engagement, content curation, campaign planning and execution, tools and resources, and measuring results— for using social media for marketing on current, new and emerging social media platforms.

Certificate / Education

Instructional Design Certificate

Prepare for growing opportunities as an instructional design professional, creating and facilitating digital learning or training experiences.

Master’s / Interdisciplinary

Interdisciplinary Evaluation Science, MS

The master’s degree in interdisciplinary evaluation science is an interdisciplinary program intended to prepare students to contribute to human service, education, public policy, health and other program and policy areas through thoughtful, effective and ethical use of evaluation models and methods.

Master’s / Business

International Business, MS

Apply the specific knowledge your role requires to rapidly make you the globalization expert in your area of business, whether that’s marketing, finance, HR or new business development.

Master’s / Education

Literacy, MEd

Preparing current teachers and educators for certification as a reading/literacy specialist, you will develop knowledge of the theoretical and evidenced foundations of reading and writing development, plan culturally and linguistically relevant literacy instruction for all students, and support students and teachers in the use of digital literacy tools.

Master’s / Business, General

Master of Business Administration, MBA

UD’s AACSB-accredited online MBA degree program empowers you to lead your organization towards continued growth and success.

Master’s / Business

Master of Business Administration, MBA: Business Analytics

Learn to integrate data science, business strategy and management science to optimize outcomes and develop predictive models for an organization or nonprofit.

Master’s / Business

Master of Business Administration, MBA: Finance

Build a company’s value by optimizing current funds and finding new revenue avenues. Experiential coursework in financial management, analysis and reporting prepare you to lead organizational growth in corporate, investment and international finance careers.

Master’s / Business

Master of Business Administration, MBA: Healthcare Management

This program, containing courses taught by faculty from UD’s Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics and the College of Health Sciences, will help you to gain a competitive edge and learn about critical issues facing healthcare today.

Master’s / Business

Master of Business Administration, MBA: Information Technology

Become an IT leader who can meet organizational goals. You’ll develop knowledge of how data is managed within an organization and how systems are designed so you can solve problems related to information system business functions.

Master’s / Business

Master of Business Administration, MBA: International Business

Globalize your understanding of the opportunities and challenges in the business world, and prepare to navigate global business environments successfully.

Master’s / Business

Master of Business Administration, MBA: Strategic Leadership

Explore all of the skills and capacities needed to influence others, manage change, set strategic direction, build teams and support networks and navigate the complex analytical and human dimensions inherent in any leadership role.

Master’s / Engineering


This program covers the foundations of solid mechanics, fluid mechanics, heat transfer and dynamics, and offers electives in diverse areas, including biomechanics, clean energy and environment, composite materials and manufacturing, energy efficient mobility systems and smart cities, robotics and controls, and more.

Master’s / Nursing

Nursing, MSN

The degree offers baccalaureate prepared nurses a program that prepares them for advanced practice roles in today’s complex healthcare systems.

Certificate / Interdisciplinary

Program Evaluation Certificate

The 12-credit program prepares students in the basics of program evaluation across the fields of human service, education, public policy, health and other program and policy areas through thoughtful, effective and ethical use of evaluation models and methods. Aligned with the American Evaluation Association’s Guiding Principles for Evaluators and Evaluator Competencies, the certificate can be completed in one year of part-time study.

Certificate / Engineering

Railroad Engineering Graduate Certificate

Students with an earned bachelor’s degree and experience with engineering and stress analysis are qualified to enroll in this innovative graduate-level railroad engineering certificate.

Certificate / Nursing

RN Refresher

This course updates and enhances the nursing knowledge and clinical skills of inactive registered nurses preparing for re-entry into active practice and meets continuing education requirements for nurses to renew or maintain their licenses. It addresses foundational competencies for medical-surgical nursing in today’s increasingly complex practice settings.

Certificate / Business

Socially Responsible & Sustainable Apparel Business Graduate Certificate

Address and overcome labor and environmental challenges as you learn to manage the international production and sourcing, design, development, buying, and promotion of apparel, textile, and footwear in a responsible and sustainable manner.

Certificate / Communication

Strategic Communication, Certificate

This 12-credit certificate program provides students with the knowledge and skill set to effectively pursue their desired career within the fields of public relations, digital media, social media and other strategic communication areas.

Master’s / Communication

Strategic Communication, MA

Learn the tactics necessary to craft persuasive messages and graduate ready to advance in social media management, public relations, digital media and other types of strategic communication careers.

Master’s / Education

Teacher Leadership, MEd

The program enables practicing PK-12 teachers to gain an understanding of school-based teacher leadership roles and responsibilities.

Certificate / Health

Telehealth Coordinator Advanced Certificate

Understand how to use telehealth for healthcare delivery as you study technology evaluation, business and operational considerations, regulations, ethics, privacy and more.