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Online MBA: Business Analytics Specialization

Make Sound Business Decisions Using Data Science

No GMAT Required

AACSB Accredited

AACSB Accredited

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  • Duration 16 months
  • Cost per Credit $950
  • Credit Hours 44

Program Benefits

  • Optimize business outcomes and develop predictive models.
  • Integrate data science into your business strategy.
  • Learn from responsive faculty who are influencing the industry.

Design and Use Successful Business Analytics Processes

With our online MBA’s Business Analytics specialization, you can advance as a business analyst, financial analyst, digital marketing analyst and more. You’ll explore innovative business processes and address problems using proven analytical strategies. Complete nine credits for the Business Analytics concentration or 15 credits for the Business Analytics major.

With Your MBA in Business Analytics, You Will:

  • Visualize and Present Data: Collect and mine data and extrapolate it into easily understood charts or graphs. Effectively convey complex information to non-technical professionals.
  • Model Scenarios: Employing predictive analytics, anticipate potential futures for an industry or individual company, allowing businesses to effectively prepare for the best and the worst.
  • Forecast: Track trends and accurately predict the trajectory of a business or market’s performance.
  • Make Data-Driven Decisions: Improve business decisions through insights supported by sound data and analysis. Ensure business decisions are informed by reliable data rather than guesswork and intuition.

Deepen Your Business Expertise with Analytics

100% online

16 months

9-15 credits

Learn to integrate data science, business strategy and management science to optimize outcomes and develop predictive models for an organization or nonprofit. Complete nine credits for the Business Analytics concentration, or complete 15 credits for the Business Analytics major. To view the complete list of MBA courses, visit the program curriculum page.

Sample Courses

Introduces the fundamentals of modern database concepts. Covers relational database design and implementation techniques, as well as the current relational database standard – the structured query language (SQL). Explore advanced topics such as big data analytics.

Introduces fundamental strategies and methodologies for data mining along with the concepts underlying them, and will provide hands-on experience with a variety of different techniques in a business setting. Students will learn to use data mining tools.

Analytics leverages both the proliferation of data and the advancement of computational tools to bring a new level of sophistication to business decision making. As part of developing an analytic mind and skillset, this course teaches students to properly frame decision problems, represent and understand how to manage uncertainty inherent in those problems, manipulate large data sets using modern software to prescribe recommended actions, and to then compel organizational change through data visualizations.

Data has become a torrent flowing into every area of the global economy. Many companies are seeking to enhance their ability to transform data into valuable insights and actions. The substantial focus of this course will be on data-driven business decision-making. The purpose of this course is to provide students with an advanced level of analytical skills that will enable them to:

  • Examine business problems by developing spreadsheet models,
  • Understand optimization solution techniques, interpret solutions, and transform solutions to business decisions,
  • Perform sensitivity analysis and simulation to address uncertain business scenarios,
  • Generate insights from data by using predictive modeling and data mining to discover hidden patterns in data that inform strategic business decisions,
  • Have a basic knowledge of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Among the techniques we will study are: problems of optimization, risk analysis, data analytics, simulation and data mining. In each area we will consider specific operations and marketing problems. We will build models, analyze them using various Excel-based tools and add-ins, and most importantly interpret the economic value of the solutions. Prerequisite: BUAD 620

Analytics leverages both the proliferation of data and the advancement of computational tools to bring a new level of sophistication to business decision making. As a capstone experience, this course places students in the role of Business Data Analyst. Students will work on large real-world datasets to recommend courses of action to businesses. All phases of the analytics process from data capture to creation of an analytics-driven recommendation or prototype solution will be practiced. Prerequisite: BUAD 621, ACCT604 and MISY641

Career Outlook

With an online MBA in Business Analytics, you can advance in several business roles that focus on analytics. Between 2021 and 2031, over 715,100 new jobs in business and financial occupations will become available in the U.S.1 To view more exiting career path options, visit the MBA careers page.

Financial Analyst $95,570 per year2

Management Analyst $93,000 per year3

Operations Research Analyst $82,360 per year4

Choose From Six MBA Specializations

UD’s online MBA program offers six in-demand specializations. Explore them below.

Master of Business Administration, MBA: Information Technology

Become an IT leader who can meet organizational goals. You’ll develop knowledge of how data is managed within an organization and how systems are designed so you can solve problems related to information system business functions.

Master of Business Administration, MBA: Healthcare Management

This program, containing courses taught by faculty from UD’s Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics and the College of Health Sciences, will help you to gain a competitive edge and learn about critical issues facing healthcare today.

Master of Business Administration, MBA: International Business

Globalize your understanding of the opportunities and challenges in the business world, and prepare to navigate global business environments successfully.

Master of Business Administration, MBA: Strategic Leadership

Explore all of the skills and capacities needed to influence others, manage change, set strategic direction, build teams and support networks and navigate the complex analytical and human dimensions inherent in any leadership role.

Master of Business Administration, MBA: Finance

Build a company’s value by optimizing current funds and finding new revenue avenues. Experiential coursework in financial management, analysis and reporting prepare you to lead organizational growth in corporate, investment and international finance careers.

Answers to Common Questions

We’ve provided answers to the most commonly asked questions about UD’s online programs. If we missed anything, you can get in touch with a knowledgeable admissions counselor by phone at (844) 237-1338.

You can earn your degree in as few as 16 months full-time, or complete the program part-time at your convenience.

Yes. The online MBA at the University of Delaware is delivered through the Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics, which has been accredited by AACSB International (the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) for more than 50 years. AACSB accreditation is the highest standard of accreditation for business schools in the world, and a distinction fewer than 5% of business schools worldwide have earned.

You can transfer up to nine credits from another AACSB accredited MBA program that have not already been used toward a completed degree. Contact an admissions counselor at (844) 237-1338 for more information about transferring your prior credits.

You may start this program in the fall, summer or spring semesters. Applications are accepted at any time up until a week before classes begin. Applications are accepted up until 3 weeks prior to when classes begin.

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Yes. To complete the program, you have the following completion options: one major, up to three concentrations or a combination of electives. Choose from concentrations in Business Analytics, Finance, Healthcare Management, International Business and Strategic Leadership. You might also complete your degree with a series of approved General Elective courses.

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