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Electrical and Computer Engineering Careers

Become a Leader in Growing Computer Engineering Careers

The University of Delaware’s electrical and computer engineering department is one of the oldest and most innovative in the U.S. and offers you several career benefits.

Boost your earning potential

Network with industry leaders

Apply your skills immediately

Access all of UD’s Career Services

Graduate Career-Ready: Our computer engineering courses combine the latest research with real-world application, so you’ll graduate ready to advance with a wide range of employers.

Gain Unique Perspective: One of the first online programs of its kind, UD’s computer engineering master’s degree applies advanced information processing concepts through a cybersecurity lens.

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Succeed in Computer Engineering Careers that Earn Over $100K

Computer and Information Research Scientist1 $126,830 per year

Computer Network Architect2 $116,780 per year

Software Developer/Engineer3 $110,140 per year

Information Security Analyst4 $103,590 per year

Fill Crucial, Rewarding Roles in the Field

Your comprehensive knowledge base and unique skills set from UD’s online master’s degree in electrical and computer engineering will qualify you for competitive opportunities.

In addition to the positions listed above, potential job titles could include:

  • Computer or design engineer
  • Cybersecurity specialist
  • Electrical engineer
  • Hardware engineer
  • Network systems administrator
  • R&D engineer

Computer Engineering Career Outlook

Career Readiness

As a UD Online student, you’ll gain access to all available student and career services from the University of Delaware.

Career Coaching

You can speak with a career coach one-on-one as you explore your passion and find the best potential job opportunities.

Digital Connections

UD’s career services tool, Handshake, allows students and employers to find each other via thousands of jobs and internships as well as upcoming networking events.

Skills You’ll Gain

  • Advanced cybersecurity strategies
  • Applied cryptography
  • Digital signal processing and communications
  • Modern machine learning methodologies
  • Search engine technologies
  • Smart Grid applications
  • Theory and applications of digital communications